Millions of businesses move every year, spending billions of dollars on their moves. There are some businesses that start planning for their move several months before their moving date while some do not pack a single item till a mover enters their business premises. Even if you are hiring commercial movers in Toronto, it is essential that you as a business owner consider several things before you plan a move. Here is a list of a few things you must pay attention to:

A successful move begins before you pack your items


Many people de-clutter before they put house on the market because it makes the selling process easy. This is not possible with corporate relocations and it would be the biggest mistake you can ever make. You must make a list of all the essential items your business cannot work without. This way, you will be able to identify all the items that you can sell or leave behind.

Make sure you adopt the policy of ‘only handle it once’ when dealing with your office stuff. Just find an item and either keep it or toss it away. There should be nothing in between. It may be stressful in the beginning but you will feel that your office has taken a proper shape now. Getting rid of useless items not only saves times but also money. Once all items are sorted out, see what type and how many packing boxes would be needed.

Identifying the essentials

It is important for the business to identify the essential items needed for running. Discuss with the mover and ensure that those items are designated as last on and first off.

There are many other ways to organize other office stuff. For instance, you can divide the items in sections or rooms so that the movers can unload quickly. You can also get some see-through storage bins because it really helps businesses in unpacking. Labeling is very important because you would know where to put each item at the time of packing. Some movers recommend color-coding technique as well.

The businesses that have spent several hours working through these steps with their moving company enjoy a stress-free move.

Handling dangerous materials

There are some materials like cleaning liquids, acids, matches, aerosol, chemistry sets, fireworks, ammunition and cans etc. that are not allowed on most of the moving vehicles. This is because these materials are not safe for anyone. In case the mover finds out that such type of items are packed in the boxes, he would immediately take them off from the truck. That slows down the process and also increases the stress level.

It is very important that businesses avoid oiling and waxing fine wood furniture, wooden antiques before moving. Some products soften the wood and increase the possibility for the furniture to make a mark.

There are some moving companies that excel in commercial moving in Toronto and work with different businesses on their specific moving needs. Therefore never try to hide anything from the movers and do not hesitate in asking questions as well. It is easier to handle a situation before moving rather than when the entire team shows up at the door.

Looking out for moving insurance

Accidents and disasters can happen anytime. Therefore it is not wise to risk your business by saving a small percentage of your annual revenue. The moving companies you intend to hire should have insurance policies in place. You can find out about this before you sign up for their moving services so that you can enjoy peace of mind for your commercial move.

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