Moving requires a lot of planning – no matter how small or big it is. If you are considering a commercial move, a different kind of plan must come to mind as you may need to deal with different requirements depending on the unit or department that needs to be relocated. Tips on how to successfully move are very helpful in the entire process. Have you ever thought, however, that there can be some mistakes you must include in your list of considerations too? You need to be familiar with these mistakes to help you avoid them in your commercial move. Here is a list of these problems that you must be aware of.

Unorganized files


You can just wish to make things less taxing for you in a commercial move. With each department taking part in the task of packing, you can presume that everything gets organised. Perhaps, you can also assume that a box or two for each department will be enough. Sometimes, however, people will just dunk items into the box in any way they want. These means there is no organisation at all.

This should be avoided. If you want a stress-free move, it will be best to make sure that all files are organised, whether digital or non-digital. With digital files, using a cloud-based storage will be a good idea. For non-digital ones, you have to create detailed labels for each folder and box with emphasis on high and low priority files.

Lack of coordination with other companies that can help with the transition

You will often presume that hiring a commercial moving company is enough to get all your moving-related jobs accomplished. It is with no doubt that commercial movers have a great role to play in the process and bulk of the packing and storage is entrusted to them. But, they are just part of the entire team that you have to talk to during the transition. Remember the need to set-up computer systems and cables in your new office space? In this regard, you will need the help of an IT team. How about the new utilities that are also needed in the new place? You have to contact deliver companies and utility services as well.

Unorganised schedule

Planning your move requires having a timeline within which all the moving process has to be done. It is always important to prepare a list where you can check whatever has been accomplished by far. In this list, you need to include the date when your IT team has to setup workstations and for utility companies to be able to deliver the services that you need in your new place of work.

Starting late

Often, with a schedule that you have prepared, you fail to list down the earliest time possible for you to start planning the move. In fact, you might assume you can start late as long as you are within schedule. Well, why start late when you can always start early with your moving plans? Remember that a commercial move requires a lot of preparations and each step in the process should be detailed and eventually covered. You do not want missing even on the slightest of details. Starting early is therefore necessary.

Not choosing the right commercial mover

Sometimes, some of you may have a commercial mover right next to your office building. With that in mind, you might end up seeking their services instead of looking for other companies offering better services. Why rush when you can always list down company names before trimming down your options to the right commercial mover that will help you?

Choosing from commercial movers in Toronto requires proper scrutiny of the company’s services. We encourage you to check our pages and consult us for your moving needs. We assure a quality service at all times.

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