Have you revisited your belongings and noticed that everything seems to pile up every single day? There can be much trouble organising stuff especially when you cannot find enough space in your closets where you can keep them. The good thing is there are different types of storage spaces that you can rent for any of your extras. Learn more about your options in this regard and later discover how you can choose from amongst these options.

Self-storage units


These are the most common type amongst all storage spaces or facilities. They are popular for both households and commercial establishments since they can carry in them some of those documents, office supplies and furniture that do not fit right within your structures at the moment. They are easily accessible and are available in a variety of sizes. There is one thing you should take note of when renting out these storage spaces. You are responsible when it comes to checking any goods you store in them. Make sure you also check out on your stuff from time to time. This short-term solution is a must for those of you who are currently having office or home renovations.

Climate-controlled storage units

Next to the basic self-storage units, you also have climate-controlled storage spaces available for rental. What is good about such types of facilities is the fact that they can protect your belongings no matter what time of year it is. It has special temperature and humidity control that makes locking in your goods safer and more secure for you. They are ideal for your vintage furniture, old books, paintings, and all other valuable items for safekeeping.

Unlike self-storage units that would often require you to check on your belongings, climate-controlled ones would be supervised by the provider. Additionally, you cannot just access the facility unless you have set your schedule with the chosen service provider. If you need to access stuff during non-standard hours, it would be good to notify the unit owner.

Portable containers

If you need some organising of stuff that you can access from time to time then keeping them in portable containers would be a good idea. These storage solutions are ideal if you want to keep these items just within your workplace or home. They can be delivered to you at any time by storage companies. Portable as these containers are, you can also make arrangements with rental companies in case you want them to keep the containers for safekeeping on your behalf.

Some of these containers can also be rented in case you will be moving to another place. They can be used typically to transport your items in an organised manner. They are not as secure as other storage solutions though since they cannot protect your valuables from the heat or the cold weather outside. Nonetheless, they can still be used for short-term purposes.

Storage sites for your vehicles

If you own a boat, a recreational vehicle or a car that needs some storage space during certain times of the year, then you can use specific storage sites that have actually been made for such a purpose. Since these sites are expected to house these large vehicles, expect that they are huge and spacious enough to accommodate your automobiles. They usually look like parking areas so to speak. The only difference lies in the fact that each vehicle will be secured in a storage unit or compartment to store each car, boat or RV separately. Since these facilities store vehicles (we know they are expensive), expect maximum security in the area at all times. They can even be equipped with alarms, video surveillance systems and security personnel who can check on the facilities round the clock.

Choosing from amongst the different types of storage spaces

Now that you have come to know the different types of storage facilities that are available for rental, it is high time you also know how you can choose one. Of course, the first thing that should come to mind is the purpose with which you will use the unit. Alongside this, you should also take note of the size and number of items you will store in them. Additionally, you must consider the time of the year when you will need the facility. The cost, likewise, should be brought to mind. When you have thought of all these properly, then you will be able to get the facility you will need for your valuables.

Once you have established the type of storage space you need for your items, you can start looking for a rental company that will help you accordingly. Do not go far anymore. You can start browsing through our pages and see what we can offer when it comes to your moving and storage needs. Feel free to contact us for any of your questions regarding our products and services. We will be more than willing to lend a helping hand.

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