If you are looking for a reliable, sharp, on-schedule commercial moving company in Toronto, look no further. Greg and Sons are your best source of solutions for moving offices, libraries, restaurants and medical or scientific facilities.

Our Commercial moving services Toronto include:

  1. Full scale office relocations
  2. Removal and recycling of furniture
  3. Warehouse relocations
  4. Temporary moving bin rentals
  5. Storage and warehousing solutions

We have been in this business for a very long time, and have seen many companies come and go. Our experience shows that keeping it steady and treating every move as a personal project is the way to succeed. We are a family owned company with all the benefits of a large operation – professionalism, advanced lifting equipment and large crews, but with none of the downsides, like an impersonal approach, unreachable customer service lines and a schedule of three moves per crew per day.

We give you our 100% dedication and make sure your Toronto commercial move goes as scheduled and without the slightest complications.

Commercial Movers

We at Greg and Sons take care of all your commercial moving needs, offering packaging for computers, storage facilities for furniture, filing cabinets, and more.

Any Size, any Distance

We can handle a move with 2 men and a minivan, or a 20 men move on 7 large vehicles. We can move your office, library or shop across the street, or take it anywhere across – or even out of – Ontario altogether.

 Moving Offices Toronto

We have the experience and trained personnel to ensure your office move will be done in the most professional and efficient manner possible. We can make sure it goes smoothly, stepping in from the planning stage, assisting with packaging, and following through all the way to installing furniture and doing computer setup in the new space.

Library Moves

Nothing, short of a beehive, needs more delicate care than do books when you move them. The subject matter is delicate, fragile and cannot be fixed once damaged. Greg and Sons will manage your Toronto library move with delicate the care and reverence that books deserve and require, providing special packaging materials and waterproof conditions for the move. We can also disassemble bookshelves and re-install them in the new location. In addition to this, we can help you plan and furnish the new library space, equipping it with new computer systems and other necessities. When we redeploy your collection in the new place, it will be in perfect order, using the international Dewey Decimal System.

Moving Hospitals and Laboratories

Medical and scientific equipment also requires very special care, and we are among the few Toronto moving companies who are trained, knowledgeable and equipped for such complicated moves. We have moved lots of delicate medical equipment for the many clinics and hospitals in the Toronto area and know exactly how to keep it safe in transit. In addition and very importantly, our understanding the specifics of the medical field will ensure the move will be conducted with as little disruption as possible to patients and staff.

As mentioned before, we also have a variety of storage facilities for your furniture and equipment to be stored between the locations, or if you simply want to put some of it away. The facilities are weather-controlled units with easy access and 24-hour security, so your items are as safe as they would be in a bank vault.

In short, if you are looking for a reliable, professional solution to your commercial moving needs in Toronto or the GTA, you can do no better than working Greg and Sons, a big company with a personal approach.

Office Hours

  • Monday-Friday: 9AM to 5PM (Pickup by Appointment Only)
  • Saturday: Closed
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