While the winter season is certainly not the favorite time of the year to move houses, it still has to done due to one important reason or another. However, moving homes during the winter season is not always an easy thing as it is often hampered by the snow as well as the single or multiple digit temperatures. Being ready in mind and body as well as knowing how to go about a winter move can make the whole undertaking simpler and smooth on your end. This said, here are a number of things that can guarantee your winter relocation is done in a hassle free manner or without a hitch.

Winter packing

Packing for a winter move should happen up to one week before the move. While at it, make sure to leave out winter items that could be needed for or on the move day. These items are such as winter coats, warm clothes, salt and shovels, etc. And whichever your circumstances, make sure to:

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• Not under-pack or over-pack boxes

• Pack the heavier items into smaller boxes and bulky ones into larger boxes. Make sure to keep the boxes at 50 pounds or less while at it.

• Begin your packing early enough

• Clearly mark which room each of the packed boxes belongs to

• Keep a number of boxes open for last minute packing

• Not to pack fragile and heavy items in the same box

Turn on the heat

Before moving into your new home, it is recommended that you make sure all utilities in it are up and running. There is nothing is bad as getting to a new home or destination only to realize that you do not have electricity, particularly during the pipe freezing months of the year. This is something that should have been taken care of days before the move.

Making sure that you are not left out in the cold

Confirm the closing with your realtor or Mortgage Company one week before the move. It is not fun to find out that the closing has been postponed or is delayed while half of your possessions are on the moving truck and the temperatures outside are minus 4°.

Floor protection

It is important to protect the flooring during a winter move. Although the majority of homeowners would love for the movers the honor their request of taking off their shoes, it doesn’t make sense to put them on and off every time they are entering or leaving the house. If you have ever tried to take off shoes while a 300lbs armoire, then you know how hard and dangerous it can be to attempt to remove them while holding heavy pieces of furniture. In fact what this does is only to add time and costs to the move. The most realistic option is to add moving pads or floor protection on your floor. These will do a good job of protecting the flooring while keeping things tidy during the move. Apart from this, it is a great way to reduce the costs as you won’t be forced to clean the floor before closing the old home.

Clear the way

Ensure to be ready for the moving truck and the movers by clearing snow as well as ice from the driveways, pathways, and sidewalks. And while at it, do remember to put salt down to minimize floor slipperiness. Note, the less slippery the surfaces, the safer and more efficient your move will be. Clearing of ice and snow from the surfaces should also be done on the other location for the same reasons. Simply put, clearing the loading site and the end destination makes the whole move less problematic as well as time and cost effective. Floor clearing need to be done a day before the move with any extra done at least half hour prior to the arrival of the movers and the moving truck.

General moving tips

• Discard unnecessary stuff just before the move

• Arrange for cleaning of the draperies, rugs, and the likes

• Reserve the movers as soon as you can be able

• Consider storing items you don’t have room for but wish to keep if you are moving to a smaller house.

• Keep necessary hand tools handy

• Determine where to place larger appliances and pieces of furniture at your new house before the move

• Refrain from putting tape furniture to keep drawers closed

• If moving to an apartment, make elevator reservations before the move

All in all, being prepared for the move guarantees a stress free and successful relocation. While the above moving tips are just but a few, they are some of most important ones. They will help a winter move to go on without a hitch while staying safe as well as within the set budget.

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