Moving into a new home is hardly an easy thing to do. There are so many things to do and consider, and sometimes so little time. Simply put, a move requires a lot of planning ahead. Rushing the process often result in overlooking crucial decisions that could have otherwise been advantageous and useful. One of the most challenging aspects of a move is minimizing excess baggage. This requires planning the move ahead of time so as to give yourself enough time to reduce your luggage.

There are multiple items that people keep with them and hold dearly yet they contribute nothing to their daily lives. By keeping these, they simply take more space that could have otherwise been used in other beneficial ways. Moreover, these items end up consuming a lot more money during the move since they simply mean more baggage. Getting rid of them is a perfect way to significantly reduce costs associated with a move. Here are a number of ways to considerably reduce excess baggage before a move.

Hold a garage sale


You have probably walked around your town and seen a public sale where sellers keep ringing bells to attract potential buyers. A garage sale is generally the same thing except it is done in a home. Choose all the items you no longer want or use, new or old, and compile them in an open place in your home or garage. After this, proceed to invite the public over to your place to buy the items. Since they are considered unwanted, they are generally sold at a lower price than the market price. You can earn a substantial amount of money this way that can be used to offset some of the moving costs.

Offer them to friends

All of us have friends that are going to miss us once we have moved to a new location or home. The best way to bid them farewell is to hold a party for them. Try to make this a giveaway party. But rather than them giving you presents, be the one to offer them gifts. Instead of buying new gifts, simply offer them your no longer used items or anything that could be of help to them. And while at it, remove your most important clothing from your closets and let them raid your closets and pick out the remaining clothes.

Donate your some of your unneeded stuff

Donating your unneeded stuff is a great way to reduce your luggage. Look for programs that cater for needy people or children’s homes and donate some of your items to them. The stuff to donate includes shoes, beddings, clothes and food. By donating these items, you won’t get any money but you will have saved a life somewhere, and at the same time reducing your luggage.

Sell bits and pieces online

One of the best and fastest ways to get some money to add to your moving kitty is to your unneeded stuff online. There are quite a number of websites in which you could post your items for free and get potential buyers for them. Items that are still in good but are no longer needed in your home can be gotten rid of in this way.

By selling or donating most of your unneeded stuff, your luggage is significantly decreased, and thereby reducing the overall cost of your move. Of course, if you still want to keep some of the items but won’t have space for them in your new home, you can always use a storage unit. And remember to be careful when selecting moving services in Toronto as your chosen mover has the power to make or break your project!

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