Whilst it has been days since the New Year has started, it is not yet too late to get rid of the old you. The old you may include not just who you are as a person but also what you own as an individual. In a home or a workplace that used to be messy and unorganised, you would certainly see the beauty in finding a perfect resolution for this year. Perhaps, you want to get rid of the clutter and start organising stuff accordingly. When that is a primary concern, then you might as well consider including the following resolutions in your list.

Check your closet


Opening your closet can bring back a lot of memories. It can be that old brown bag given to you by your mother as a birthday gift or that chic, little black dress that your husband gave as an anniversary gift. We understand the fact that there are items in there that have sentimental value. Some have been given by loved ones and friends and you cannot just get rid of them right away. However, when your closet and drawers are piling up with items that you have not even worn for quite some time now, don’t you think it is high time to get rid of them and send them off to charity? If you want, you can even sell them for a few bucks. Make organising your closet a fun experience with a good cause and you will see how getting rid of the clutter inside them can be fulfilling.

Check on other things that add up to the clutter

It is not just your closet that is filled up with things you no longer need. In fact, if you try to walk around your home and open every room and scrutinise what is inside them, you will realise how much stuff you have that has been bulking and messing up your home. You will be surprised by the many items you see under your beds and inside your garages. You can even see some other toys that are waiting for their new owners.

Start living with lesser baggage

Any excessive baggage can cause a lot of clutter in your lives. If you are serious about revamping your home (or even your workplace for that matter), now is the time to clear out the space with anything that is no longer of use to you. Give them to someone else who would have better use for each item. Additionally, when you have finally decided to live with lesser baggage then you have to make sure you do not commit the same mistake of piling up your drawers, closets, kitchen cupboards, bedrooms and garages with anything that you do not need. Drop the habit of purchasing items that fancies you but are not really useful at the moment. Buy items that deserve much attention and can be used according to their specific purpose.

Keep your home clean

Admit that there are days when you become lazy keeping stuff. You would say “I can do this later” or “I will just do this tomorrow”. As you neglect your duties when cleaning the home, more stuff pile up and will definitely cause clutter. If you are serious about getting rid of clutter then by all means, you should keep your home clean at all times. You might as well come up with a cleaning schedule, with each day paying particular attention to cleaning a room or two within your home.

Go on with what you have started

Keeping your home clutter-free should not just be a New Year’s resolution that will tell you to do the cleaning and organising at the start of the year. It should be something that you can fulfill every day. Put all the above-mentioned tips in mind and practice them accordingly and you will never go wrong with what you have started. This will keep your home organised at all times.

Look for perfect storage solutions

In case you still have some extra stuff that needs space after you have cleaned your home and freed it of the usual amount of clutter, then it is high time to use a perfect storage solution. This can help keep whatever valuables you have that cannot fit in your homes at the moment. These storage solutions can keep anything from documents to furniture and all other items that have no room within your home. Renting out these spaces may mean additional cost on your part but are certainly well worth it considering how much it can remove your daily stress.

When looking for such perfect storage solutions that will help sort out your mess, you can always start with us. Our company offers a wide range of storage facilities that can be used for different purposes. We can help you choose the best facility that will surely meet your needs and expectations!

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