Moving to a new city is a totally exciting yet daunting experience. It is common to get a feeling that you do not belong to the city. It takes time to overcome this shock. Because of this reason, many people find post move periods tough, especially when they have no idea what to do next. Yes, residential movers in Toronto can only make your move stress free, but afterwards, it is you would have to take up the charge. Organizing things right on time would help you in many ways. Here is a short post move check list you may find helpful:

Organizing your post-move plans

Your post move period starts the moment you step into your new home. In the beginning, you will be relieved that the house move is finally over and you can easily relax in your new apartment. However, due to large number of things to do, this may not be possible.  You may have to create a complete new list of things to do comprising of all the tasks that you need to finish right after your relocation is over. There could be new city tasks, new home errands, and etc. Plan out your post-move so that you can start getting your new place in shape.

Unpack boxes right away


Unlike packing you would have an opportunity to stretch it in time and complete it as per your convenience. However, it is important that you do not underestimate how time consuming this unpacking can be. So, don’t take it lightly and start working on it gradually.

The first boxes you should unpack on the first day are your essential boxes that contain your most important items. It could be your medicines, some kitchen items etc. Later, you can open the boxes labeled bathroom and bedroom because these should be set on priority. You would surely want to take a quick shower at night and have a comfortable sleep on your bed. The rest of the items can be opened gradually.

Check out your new home

There is a high chance that your new house is a complete unknown place for you. Therefore, it is the perfect to explore your house in great detail. Look for any signs of leaky pipes, preexisting damage and keep a close look on the possible signs of infestation. Locate the main water stop valve and fuse box in the first place. You must know about them to meet any emergency situation.  Remember to write down the readings of electricity and water meters.

As you take a tour around your house, check whether your new house is sufficiently secured for any unauthorized access or natural destructive forces. In case you have a toddler with you, your house should be child proofed as well.

You may also have to inspect the safety level of windows and doors. See whether smoke detectors are installed. Don’t forget to have fire extinguishers placed on each floor as a safety precaution.

Update your address

Regardless of whether you moved just across the street or have shifted to a new city, a change of your postal address is needed. Therefore, in order to avoid any inconvenience, remember to change your postal address right after your house move. Otherwise, you would be getting all your mails at your old address which does not sound good at all.

Well, you just need to visit a local post office near your home or it’s possible to get it done online as well. And do not forget to ask a favor from the new renters or owners of your old house so that they can help to forward your all mails to your new address till the time your address has been updated.

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